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Didn’t find the application you want? It’s not an issue, You can design your own simple business application as you need free
Design your simple business cloud application anytime, anywhere within one day by yourself without a need for a software company
Consume your application anytime and anywhere
Customize your application as you want
Enrich and share your application with others
Search for your personal or business application in OneDay Store
Run your applications in the cloud on any device
Main Licenses
Name Description Price (TL) Price (USD) Special Price (USD)
Free Application 1 Application Registration + 2,000 Records + 10 MB Storage + 1 User N/A 0 N/A
Professional Application Unlimited Applications Registration + Simple Application Design + 20,000 Records + 1 GB Storage+ 5 Users (for all applications) 636 150 120
Basic Developer 1 Full Application Design + Free Application License Features 212 50 40
Professional Developer Unlimited Full Applications Design + Professional Application License Features 4240 1000 800

Flexible Licenses
Name Description Price (TL) Price (USD) Special Price (USD)
Additional Application Get 1 Additional Application Registration 4.24 1 0.8
Additional 1000 Records Get 1K Additional Records 21.2 5 4
Additional 10000 Records Get 10K Additional Records 318 75 60
Additional 1 GB Storage Get More 1GB Storage 42.4 10 8
Additional 5 GB Storage Get More 5GB Storage 148.4 35 28
Additional User Add 1 Additional User for Your Apps 4.24 1 0.8
Additional 5 Users Add 5 Additional Users for Your Apps 381.6 90 72
Additional Developed Application Get 1 Additional Developed Application 106 25 20
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